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Huldeblyk aan Anna Basson

by 'n Dromer | Local News
Vandag is Anna Basson se verjaarsdag! Wyle Anna Basson was die stigter van Anna Basson Eiendomme met haar man August aan haar sy.Saam het hulle die besigheid op sterk en ononderhandelbare waardes gevestig wat vandag nog die deurslag voer."My verkoopstrategie was baie eenvoudig," vertel sy. "Dit was om net eerlik te wees. Ek h...  Continue reading

The story of the island in the Eerste River

by 'nDromer | Local News
[...] when your head yearns for the pillow’s restthe Eerste River grows louder and fulland in your heart, the stones roll rounder stillDJ Opperman. Grondstowwe by die siklus van seisoene II Winter (own translation) The round, white river stones of Stellenbosch’s Eerste River remind us of how the world used to look here, how w...  Continue reading

De Oude Leeskamer - where does the name come from?

by 'nDromer | Local News
Did you know that the Oude Leeskamer in Dorpstraat 182 was literally a room for reading in?At least three book clubs existed in the early 1800s: the Reading Club, who gathered in the Leeskamer (founded in 1847), the Book Society (1829) and the Dutch Leesgeselschap (1840). Before then the town had a postal coach service that o...  Continue reading

Obikwa and Outeniqua - Khoi and San place names in our everyday life

by 'nDromer | Local News
Did you know we use many Dutch KhoiSan place names in our everyday lives? I believe Namaqua, Obikwa and Outeniqua are examples of this. Read below for some more names that have been used at least since 1727 (from a book by Peter Kolbe with map - 1727).NAMAQUA - Place name with the suffix "-qua" (like namaqua) indicates which ...  Continue reading

The first sports in Stellenbosch

by 'nDromer | Local News
As early as the 1800s a variety of sports were practiced in Stellenbosch, according to Dr. Danie Craven in Stellenbosch's 300 year commemorative book (with F. Smuts).The sports practiced by the early pioneers (from the time of Adam Tas) mostly comprised of hunting, playing cards, billiards and later horse racing, although chi...  Continue reading

9 more photos from Stellenbosch history

by 'nDromer | Local News
Die "Arts department" was die eerste tersiêre inrigting in Stellenbosch (hoofsaaklik om predikante op te lei). Hier is die eerste 5 jongmanne wat in B.A. klasgeloop het. Paul Roos Gimnasium en die Victoria College het later uit die Stellenbosch gimnasium ontiwikkel  - lees hier. The arts department was the first tertiary inst...  Continue reading