Woordfees 2018 Stellenbosch - everything you need to know.

by 'nDromer | Local News

Woordfees 2018 is around the corner, and we in Stellenbosch get a chance to showcase our culture, our landscape and our hospitality

If the month of March caught you unawares, and you haven't had time to look at the Woordfees booklet, here's in a nutshell all you need to know.

What is the theme and where does it come from?

The theme of Woordfees 2018 is "100%", inspired by the University's 100 year birthday celebration.


Where do I get a program?

You can download the complete program at www.woordfees.co.za (the link is wordfeesgids.pdf). An information booth is located at Erfurthuis during the festival if you get stuck.


The US Woordfees is cashless, how do I pay?

Most venues will be equipped with a card machine where you can pay with your credit / debit card. Also download Snapscan on your phone.


Where do I park?

There are two special Woordfees parking spaces:

  • On the corner of Koch and Van Reede Street (near Rhenish).
  • At Stellenbosch High School (Jannasch Street)


Is there a shuttle service?

Yes, shuttles will run from the two parking spaces to Ryneveld Street (the 'feeskern') and back, every day of the festival.

The first bus runs 08:00 and the last one at 23:45.

NB no cash is accepted. It costs R5 per ride / R20 per day / R100 for the festival (Pay with snapscan or credit / debit card) * The service is free for Standard Bank cardholders.


What is the WOW project?

WOW is the community development leg of Woordfees - it stands for "Words Open Worlds".

  • WOW gives children exposure to the arts and literature, especially learners who wouldn't get such an opportunity otherwise.
  • The WOW project includes: book and writer talks, workshops, workshops, writers talks and information sessions, the Sanlam WOW Games Festival, writer's visits (from the prescribed texts), reading circles, reading parties, school newspapers, debating parties, arts and culture festivals, competitions - and a competition for young learners).
  • Read more about WOW's vision and mission here


Is there Wi-Fi at the Woordfees?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available at Woordfees, proudly sponsored by WISH.


Until when does Woordfees run?

Woordfees runs from March 2 to March 11, 2018.


Will the festival help save water?

Yes! The festival has a well-thought-out Water Plan to minimize the impact on Stellenbosch's municipal water system. To see what it entails, click here.

Which venues OUTSIDE Stellenbosch are used during Woordfees?

Dylan Lewis Studio & Sculpture Garden

Jordan restaurant




Protea Hotel Technopark



Muscle Amphitheater


The Private Hotel School




Which venues are in Stellenbosch?


ATKV Books oasis

ATKV Boektent

Banhoek Road



Bosch Restaurant


The Khaya

The Plataan Cafe

Drostdy Theater


Galery University of Stellenbosch (GUS)

HB Thom Theater

Cloetesville High School

Lückhoff High School

Ida's Valley Library

Jan Marais Nature Reserve

JS Gericke Auditorium

kykNET endler

kykNET fismer

kykNET Stellenbosch High School

Cloetesville Primary School

Eikestad Primary School

Idas Valley Primary School

Rietenbosch Primary School Hall

Primary School St. ldas

Arts and Social Sciences

Masithandanestraat 26, Kayamandi

mother Church

Old Country Hall

Oude Werf Hotel

Paul Roos Center

PJ Olivier Art Center

Pulp Cinema Neelsie

Rhenish Girls' High School

Rupert Museum

RW Wilcocks Building 1001


City Hall


US Botanical Gardens

US Museum

Visual Art Department



On behalf of Anna Basson Properties we want to wish you a festive two weeks - enjoy Woordfees and #livestellenbosch!