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The story of the wooden bridge (plankenbrug)

The story of the wooden bridge (plankenbrug)

On the western side of Stellenbosch flows the Plankenbrug River, next to a number of industrial businesses and factory stores, including  the cheese factory, engine parts and mechanics, self-storage events hire wood and construction materials. Many people wonder whether the name is pronounced as PlankenBURG or PlankenBRUG. Actually there is an interesting story behind the name …Read more about The story of the wooden bridge (plankenbrug)[…]

Home checklist when going away this holiday
1. Service alarm system and irrigation.
2. Care of pets (feeding and walking).
3. Put your swimming pool on an automatic timer.
4. Receiving of mail and make arrangements for extra mail delivery.
5. Cancel your newspaper delivery.
6. Take extra care of electronic devices i.e. the switching off all appliances
during load shedding.
7. Empty all bins and dead flowers.
8. Empty your fridge.
9. Pay attention to spice racks and remove all old ingredients/food items.
10. Close all windows to decrease dust on burglar bars.
11. Automatic switch that switches lights on and off.
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