New innovative Stellenbosch-startup for art lovers

New innovative Stellenbosch-startup for art lovers

Myüz is a Stellenbosch start-up online gallery from good friends Lizelle Lazarus and Annemarie Wüst. Together they have created an online platform, Myüz, for young upcoming and established artists to connect with buyers. Annemarie came up with the idea after she saw how difficult it is for young artists to sell their work. The emphasis is on art being accessible from our homes and able to beautify the spaces we occupy.

Lizelle is an artist herself, while Annemarie is a 6th year medical student at Tygerberg. Lizelle has been a Stellenbosser since her grade 11 year at Hoërskool Stellenbosch. She completed high school and her studies, and also met her husband here. 

The name Myüz means “a state of deep thought, dreamy abstraction or a source of inspiration and to become absorbed in thought or to think or say, something in an extraordinary manner”. 

The online gallery focuses on creative excellence, and has numerous artists on their site, such as Cari Smit, Elbie Visser, and Ntobeko Mjijwa. Artworks in a variety of mediums are available, such as sculptures, paintings, paper, textile and photography. The art chosen has the intention of provoking thoughts and emotions. 

All artworks are made by South African artists, and part of Müyz’s value proposition is that they take full responsibility for the shipping of your purchase, with a return policy available.  

The dream for Myüz is manyfold: to be an established gallery locally and abroad, as well as being one of the best sales platforms of young contemporary art from a variety of diverse and unique artists. Furthermore, there is the dream of a physical space where monthly exhibitions can be held and also serving as a space where artists feel they belong. Another important aspect to Myüz is fostering a community of support among artists. 

The start-up process for them is an exciting journey – it’s more than an online shop; it’s a constant relationship between artist and client, since art is such a personal thing. Nevertheless, the business requires a lot of time and attention, but they look forward to when Myüz can generate enough for it to become their main focus. 

Asked how Myüz can be supported, exposure to buyers who buy art regularly, as well as more capital for the business will help take this start-up to new heights. 

You can find them on, on Facebook and on Instagram

*Thanks to Lizelle Lazarus for her input. 

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Written by C Knoesen

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