My Stellenbosch-story: local Stellenbosser’s experience of our town

My Stellenbosch-story: local Stellenbosser’s experience of our town

Stellenbosch has a variety of dynamic residents whose stories are interwoven with the town. 

In our new series, we ask local Stellenbossers questions about their experience of our lovely town. For this post, we’ve asked Mari Basson Carstens to tell us more. 

– How did you come to be in Stellenbosch?  

I was born in Stellenbosch. I then left for 9 years and came back with my family to support my husband while he was doing his MBA.

– What are your best memories of Stellenbosch? 

The beautiful old buildings, green oak tees, fresh air and the mountains. I really battled without the mountains when I was living in Johannesburg. Then in Spring I love all the different variations of green. Each season boasts with its own beauty and I love all of them. 

– What are the best thing(s) about Stellenbosch? 

The endless mountainbike routes –  and we are still discovering new ones. The food and obviously the wine, scenery and sunsets and the energy of the students.

– What has changed the most in Stellenbosch?  

The vast development in die Weides, now in Paul Kruger and Dennesig….and too many too small living units for students. They cannot cope with the small spaces and leave within a year or two to live in a bigger apartment. 

– If you had to describe Stellenbosch in one word, what would it be? 

It’s too difficult to choose just one word. I’d say “beautiful” and “intelligent people”. 

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[Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash]

Written by C Knoesen

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