Ideas on how to deal with cabin fever in and around Stellenbosch

Ideas on how to deal with cabin fever in and around Stellenbosch

While we are strongly urged to stay at home and limit our social contact, it is inevitable that we might suffer from cabin fever – feeling like we need to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. Taken with extreme caution, here are some ways you can take a break from home and get out a bit:

The beach

With the great weather we’re having, it is sad to not be able to go for a swim. However, if you miss the wide expanse of the ocean, a great idea is to grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt, and take a scenic drive along Beach Road in the Strand, or even further towards Clarence Drive. Make a stop at many of the view points. It is also allowed to walk on the sidewalk next to the beach, which is a great way for some exercise and to breathe in the fresh ocean air. 


With big enough open spaces to walk around and maintain social distancing, Spier is a good place to spend some time outdoors. Sit and have a picnic, visit the Eagle Encounters, read a book under a tree, or try their VoiceMap walking tours. There’s wonderful art installations (such as the Singing Stones or their mosaics) to explore and do not miss the beautifully laid out Elemental Play Garden. 


Similar to Spier, Boschendal has wide open spaces to explore safely. Do not miss the wonderful mountain biking routes that you can enjoy. You can support local by buying food and home items from their farm shop, or fresh flowers, good coffee and delicacies from their outside stalls. 

Rupert Museum

Though inside, the Rupert Museum is spacious enough to observe social distancing – it’s also a cool space on a hot day. The museum is currently closed until the 25th of January, but it’s a great space to linger in when open. Do not miss their Thursday Yoga classes (starting on 28th Jan) or their Bookbinding workshop on the 30th & 31st of January. 

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Written by C Knoesen

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