Thanksgiving this year

Thanksgiving this year

As our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving under unusual circumstances, we are also given the opportunity to stop and consider: 2020 was definitely a year of uncertainty and difficulty, and it can feel contradictory to focus on what we are thankful for. In spite of the hardship, loss and fear, we asked around to find out what others experienced gratitude for this year:

Frontline workers

The sacrifice, hard work, long hours and stress of our frontline workers, who showed up to the task and assisted with testing, caring and nursing back to health. 

Social cohesion

Many times social distancing developed into social cohesion. People rallied to help each other out, with initiatives such as Support Stellenbosch, which saw Stellenbosch restaurants, accommodation and tourism be given a boost in the trying economic times. 

And who can forget the wonderful sight of Italians singing together on their balconies?


The power of technology helped us in many ways: to continue working remotely, to connect with friends, family and even strangers through online video and conferencing software, to helping schools and universities continue with teaching and learning online, to keeping us entertained with concerts, comedy shows and cooking lessons – and even exercise tutorials. 


We once again realised what a gift good health is and are grateful that many of us were able to stay infection-free, while others had the good health to be able to recover. 


Necessity was the mother of invention: people found creative ways to solve problems: drive-in church services and movies, Zoom parties, weddings and celebrations.

Family time & pace of life

It might have been a challenge – having everyone under the same roof, (and home-schooling), but many people were grateful for the extra time they got to spend together as a family. This year has also brought a slower pace of life to the fore, helping us to reassess our lives and what is important to us. Many were able to reconnect with old friends and strengthen relationships – and also rediscover old hobbies that were left behind in our normal fast paced lives. 

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[Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash]

Written by C Knoesen

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