Welcoming Stellenbosch Books

Welcoming Stellenbosch Books

The loss of Exclusive Books at 14 Andringa Street was sad for many Stellenbossers, but luckily we were not left in a lurch. The store space, being next to the well-established Man’oushe restaurant, meant that it was a good opportunity for Man’oushe owner, Ramon Corie, to turn the space into something exceptional.

The independent bookstore has a small coffee shop also in the works, which adds to the already cosy atmosphere. The interior has a different feel to that of Exclusive Books – whereas the latter focused on brightness, lightness and white walls, Stellenbosch Books lends itself to darker colours, richer tones and beautiful wood pieces, set off against black and white checkered tiles and numerous greenery.

An original addition to the variety of items sold (books, magazines and stationery), are the vinyl records – and an impressive vinyl player and speaker system sets the mood for a relaxed, lingering feel. A really nice touch is the comfortable seating areas where customers are encouraged to take a slow approach and leave hurriedness at the door. 

With a very clever hashtag, #readforramon, customers are encouraged to share via social media the books they bought at the store.

You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with their latest offerings. 

Support this local business – they are open every day from 8am – 5pm. 

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[Photos  www.instagram.com/stellenboschbooks & Christin Hume – Unsplash]

Written by C Knoesen

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