An inspiring story: Coffee at Justice

An inspiring story: Coffee at Justice

Adjacent to Anna Basson Properties’ offices, is the wonderful coffee shop, Coffee at Justice, operated by Justice Shamba. Justice, a 32 year old with a beautiful wife and two kids, is one of the best baristas around. 

Added to that one of the nicest guys, he unfortunately was not immune to the financial effects of COVID, yet with his positive outlook, he realised that it could be an opportunity to start a new journey. 

In the spirit of community and ubuntu, a couple of Stellenbosch-residents came together to help Justice through the hard time.  

He is extremely passionate about coffee and has always dreamt of owning his own coffee shop. Now he is the proud owner and operator of Coffee at Justice, located at 20 Andringa Street, and confidently serves the best coffee in town. 

He credits his brother for teaching him his initial barista skills, as well as a previous employer who was supportive and patient with him as he learned the tricks of the trade. 

Asked what his dreams are, he aims big: to have branded coffee cups, his own branded blend, being able to roast his own beans, and a bigger space, while expanding into other areas besides Stellenbosch. The crux is, he’s willing to work hard. 

When asked what he loves most about coffee, he says it’s because he’s good at it, and other people also tell him so. He is a very popular guy, with customers coming in and talking to him as a friend. He knows that the most important thing is to recognise your customers, and Justice easily remembers a customer’s name and their specific “coffee fix”.  

Still at the beginning of the Coffee by Justice venture, Justice’s idea of support is people coming in to enjoy his coffee – and specifically experiencing the excellent taste thereof. 

We’re very excited to be part of this journey and to see the success of Coffee by Justice. So for your next cup, head on over to Justice for the best coffee experience in town. 

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Written by C Knoesen.

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