Exploring the local art gallery scene

Exploring the local art gallery scene

Stellenbosch is famous for many things, and art and culture is at the top of the list. There is a variety of art galleries and experiences available, to cater for different tastes and budgets. If you are an art lover or just love browsing galleries to see what’s on offer, you can have a look at these establishments – all located in the most popular part of town. 


Dyman Gallery:

Previously known as Absolut Art, the Dyman Gallery has got prized real estate on the corner of Plein and Van Ryneveldt Street. Focusing on both modern and contemporary art, Dyman Gallery presents a variety of different mediums, amongst others, sculpture, mixed media and painting. Featuring art from brilliant artists, such as Manuela Holzer’s sculpture series (image on the right) and Paul Marais’ abstract art, a visit to this gallery is a must. View their online catalogue to see what is available. 



SMAC gallery has been a Stellenbosch feature since its starting days in 2007. SMAC has expanded to various locations around South Africa and focuses on emerging and mid-career South African artists, as well as some international artists. Currently on show at the Stellenbosch gallery is a group exhibition of clay and ceramics. Stellenbosch-born Marlene Steyn represents, as well as wonderful work from Colijn Strydom, amongst other artists. Have a look at the exhibition catalogue here. 


Vincent da Silva Gallery:

Moving to the H. Spiro building, contemporary artist da Silva’s impressive bronze figure and wildlife sculptures (especially his cheetah and leopard series), as well as other paintings and prints are well-known. His current Veiled Bust II   (image on the right) is absolutely worth seeing. Have a look also at his limited edition prints.  



IS Art:

Ilse Schermers-Griesel has expanded her gallery reach from Franschhoek into Stellenbosch as well. Based in Church Street, IS Art is a definite player in the South African contemporary art world, with a long list of artists, such as Angus Taylor and Hanneke Benade. Peek into the online gallery or experience in-person the current exhibition – VERTIGO, with sculptures by Guy du Toit and paintings by Liekie Fouché.  


Other great local art experiences include the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden, and exquisite art galleries at various wine farms, such as Equus at Cavalli and the gallery at Delaire Graff


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[Photos by Deanna J on Unsplash & Dyman Gallery & Vincent Da Silva Gallery]
Written by C Knoesen

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