The best entertainment this winter

The best entertainment this winter

Winter (and lockdown) is the best time to cosy up and indulge in the best entertainment has to offer. Light the fireplace, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a variety of informative and relaxing entertainment. We’ve got a good mix to help you sift through all the offerings and get the best. 


Books to read


 The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family and Defiance During the Blitz – Erik Larsson 

In this book Larsson focuses on Winston Churchill’s time as prime minister, specifically from May 1940 to May 1941 – a time when the Nazi threat and the Blitz were very real. Larsson documents Churchill’s incredible way with words, encouraging and stirring the population to embody fearlessness amidst all the turmoil and danger. This very real portrayal of an enigmatic leader is built on previously secret intelligence reports and diaries. A New York Times Bestseller – and a great read – especially if you’re a history buff. 


The Long Journey of Poppy Nongena – Elsa Joubert 

A recent sad loss for the South African literary community, Joubert’s works are once again celebrated. Her most famous novel, “The Long Journey of Poppy Nongena” recounts the story of a black woman, who amidst the Apartheid pass laws, tries to keep her family together as the system aims to break them apart. The book has been very successful, having been translated into 13 languages.  




Late Night 

A brilliant performance from Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling, Late Night tells the story of a popular TV host, contending with low ratings, who is on the verge of getting replaced. She then hires a new female writer, who joins a group of male-only writers in an attempt to revamp Thompson’s character’s brand. Part comedy, part drama, it is both a real and humorous account of the workplace. 


The Show Must Go On – Queen & Adam Lambert

A must for Queen fans: The Show Must Go On (also a title of one of their songs), this documentary / musical features the coming together of Queen and singer Adam Lambert – who took on the role of frontman Freddy Mercury for the band as they toured. With candid interviews and behind the scenes footage, viewers are invited into the heart of the journey. A good accompaniment is the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a biographical drama about the legendary Freddy Mercury. 



With the empty nest syndrome very real, Otherhood provides a comedic view on 3 mothers who try to navigate life after their adult children head for the Big Apple. The three women decide to travel to New York to surprise their children in an attempt to reconnect with them. Hilarity ensues, but also an authentic view of mother-child relationships and redefining yourself. 




How to Fail – Elizabeth Day

A truly raw and inspiring podcast, Elizabeth Day talks every week to a famous personality, and asks them to recount the failures they’ve made in their lives and how that has impacted / shaped them as a person. Day interviews favourites such as Alain de Botton, writer Marian Keyes, and Malcom Gladwell. This podcast gives us permission to embrace failure on our journey to success. 


Brought to You by Business Insider  

Host Charlie Herman is the Business and Culture Editor for WNYC News. This podcast gives an enlightening look at the world’s most famous brands (such as McDonalds, Veuve Clicqout, and Gilette). The episodes share the history of the brands, as well as their successes and the impact they’ve had on our world. A great listen to learn life and business lessons from the biggest companies in the world. 


Unlocking us – Brené Brown 

A recently launched podcast, TED Talk favourite Brené Brown shares stories, ideas and anything in between on how to be human in a wide range of experiences – from bravery to loss, vulnerability and laughter and the power of love. Brown talks to experts such as David Kessler and Harriet Lerner, as well as artists, actors and writers such as Reese Witherspoon and Sue Monk Kidd. Brené seeks to remind us of the importance of self-acceptance, living authentically and being courageous in the world. 


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[Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash]
Written by C Knoesen

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