Life in Lockdown: How to make staying at home safe & fun for the whole family

Life in Lockdown: How to make staying at home safe & fun for the whole family

With the National Lockdown set to start in the early hours of Friday morning, we are all working to get everything ready at home for our time in self-isolation. 

While it may be a bit challenging to have everyone under the same roof for an extended period of time, it can also be a great time to spend together as a family. We’ve got you covered with the best tips on making the best of life in lockdown.


  1. Safety first!

When the family is together in one space, it is still very important to adhere to the hygiene guidelines:

  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds.
  • Clean surfaces often with disinfectant (including your phone and laptop).
  • Be extra careful and hygienic when preparing meals.


2. Keeping the kids busy

It can be challenging to work from home while the kids need engagement and attention. Experts say it is important that they stick to a daily routine (as they would have when in school). Here are some fun ideas that young kids can do:


  • Put on a movie for them.
  • Get out the craft material and let them make their own DIY projects: Check out some ideas here.
  • Let them paint eggs for Easter, and create a map for hiding them. 

stack of jigsaw puzzle pieces


  • Create a scrapbook or collage: find some old magazines, and let them tear out pictures and paste it on a big sheet. 
  • Get out the puzzles!
  • If you’ve got a yard, let them play outside and get some fresh air.



3. Quality time for the family

This time together can make for great quality time and strengthening bonds. Do some of these activities together:

  • Prepare meals together.
  • Have a family concert: let each member pick up a musical instrument and play together.
  • Have a video call with family members that are not with you.
  • Play boardgames together, or make use of game apps, such as HeadsUp!
  • Do some gardening together.

girl sitting using smartphone

  • Give each member a cleaning task, and clean the house together.
  • Now is the perfect time to share family stories of grandparents, your time growing up and any other interesting anecdotes that your kids will enjoy. 
  • Take a virtual tour of the world’s best museums, and learn about art and history while you “travel” the world. Go to Rome (the Vatican), London (The Natural History Museum), Paris (The Louvre) or even NASA!
  • Workout together: find a fun fitness video on YouTube and get fit together.
  • “Attend” church: many churches are having live online services. 


4. Doing good while isolated

While we can’t physically go help people in need when in lockdown, we can still do good for others:

  • Be (virtually) in touch regularly with people living alone and help fight loneliness.
  • Support those on the frontlines (doctors, nurses, and other medical staff) by donating to Gift of the Givers
  • Donate to the government’s Solidarity Fund to help the vulnerable during the Corona outbreak.


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[images courtesy of Unsplash & IKEA]
Written by C Knoesen

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