Toyota US Woordfees 2020: A top-notch programme

Toyota US Woordfees 2020: A top-notch programme

From 6 – 15 March Stellenbosch will be hosting its annual Woordfees, with an amazing (and packed!) programme – making it very hard to choose which events to attend.


Here are some of the must-do items on our list:


  1. Erns Grundling: Sushi & Shozoloza

       [11 March 12.30 – Boektent]

Erns Grundling is most famous for his book and TV-show about his Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. His next adventure took him to Japan, the place of sushi – and the Rugby World Cup. Be part of his travels as he relates what he experienced in conversation with Johann Symington.


  1. Writing workshop

       [6 March 8.30 – Lanzerac]

At the beautiful Lanzerac, famous writers Ingrid Winterbach, Kerneels Breytenbach and Frederik de Jager will help potential and aspiring writers to hone their craft through practical exercises in writing fiction, while giving advice and exposing them to the fundamentals of writing. Take part in this Woordfees institution and you might just be surprised with the talent you’ve got!


  1. Kyknet Verslag with Waldimar Pelser

         [11 March 9.30 – Die Khaya]

Join Waldimar Pelser, host of Kyknet Verslag in gesprek  and editor of Rapport in discussing the most pressing issues in our country at the moment. 


  1. Die Negende Stap

[Various dates – Hoêrskool Stellenbosch]

Written by Deon Opperman (a double Hertzog award-winning writer), this drama centres around the relationship between a mother (played by Elsabé Daneel) and her daughter (Marisa Drummond) as they explore the sins of mothers, forgiveness and reconciliation. 


  1. Evita: Fake or Fop

        [10 March 18.30 – Rhenish Girls High]

South Africa’s favourite satirist, Ms Evita Bezuidenhout is bringing her famous wit to the stage, where she will discuss the country’s daily news, while shining a light on the end of the tunnel – some reality with a bit of optimism on the side. 


  1. Stellenbosch University Choir – Gala concert

         [12 March 16.00 – Endler]

Come listen to this world-class choir under the leadership of conductor André van der Merwe. It’s for a good cause – all proceeds will go to funding their trip to the 2020 World Choir Games in Belgium – where they are the reigning champions – and need to go defend their title. 


  1. Daleen

         [Various dates – Pulp Cinema, Die Neelsie]

Dalene Matthee, one of the most prolific Afrikaans writers, is the topic of this documentary from director Danie Bester. Explore the life of this beloved and fascinating story teller and human being.  


  1. Stellenbosch Triennale – guided tour

        [Various dates]

Join Francé Beyers and dr Mike Mavura (members of the Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust – SOST) as they take you on a tour of the highlights of the Stellenbosch Triennale – Tomorrow There Will be More of Us


  1. Langtafel

       [5 March 18.30 – Victoria Street]

Always a highlight at the Woordfees, this tradition, set under the oak trees of Victoria Street, features street artists, music, top notch food and wine. There are various exciting menus to choose from, catered by some of the best Stellenbosch restaurants. Join in celebrating the opening of the 2020 Toyota US Woordfees.  






  1. Philosophy Café

       [9 March 19.00 – Visual Arts Square]

Always a treat, philosophers and wordsmiths such as Stan du Plessis, Louise du Toit, Vasti Roodt, Hannes Smit and Anton van Niekerk will take each other on with their skillful use of words. Listen closely, because it’s up to the audience to choose the winner! 


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[images courtesy of Woordfees]
Written by C Knoesen

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