Embodying the Day of Goodwill

Embodying the Day of Goodwill

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved-ones. Christmas, however doesn’t end on the 25th. The Day of Goodwill on the 26th that follows Christmas, is an extenuation of the Christmas spirit – love, hope, kindness and peace. 


This day is all about giving back to society, especially in light of all our privilege and blessings.


At Anna Basson Properties, giving back is part of our identity and culture. One of our ways of giving back is  supporting the Aitsa School – an after care centre in Kylemore that provides a safe place for children to learn, play and develop. 


Stellenbosch has various initiatives that can benefit from your goodwill this year:


Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch (AWSS):

AWSS aims to take care of the community’s unwanted, mistreated and neglected pets. They also advocate and promote the sterilisation of animals to curb unwanted breeding. In addition they vaccinate, deworm and treat illnesses of animals. Education of the local communities as a preventative measure is also a main priority for the Society.


Stellenbosch Feeding in Action:

This NPO provides meals and food supplies to nearly 5000 people each week. With the help of volunteers and donations of food and money, they distribute food at 45 strategic feeding points in the broader Stellenbosch Municipal Area and support 25 community organisations.


Pebbles Project:

The Pebbles Project enriches the lives of disadvantaged children and families in the Winelands farming communities in the Western Cape.  They focus on the entire life of the child and their challenging circumstances. Their focus is on creating impact in five key areas: education, health, nutrition, community and protection.


Let us all embody goodwill and the Christmas spirit by supporting these organisations in the wonderful and important work they do in our community throughout the year. 


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Written by Crystelle Knoesen

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