A Bartinney wine experience

A Bartinney wine experience


Bartinney is known by its slogan: wine made on a mountain. As you take a scenic drive on the Helshoogte Pass, around a bend you’ll find the Bartinney wine farm on the slopes of the Botmaskop mountain.


The Bartinney Estate is run by the Jordaan family, and has been around since 1912. With meticulous care different wine varieties are grown on the estate: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Guests have  various options for enjoying Bartinney’s wine: at the Tasting Shed on the farm guests can enjoy their wine accompanied with delicious snacks such as cheese & meat platters while pondering a majestic view of the Banhoek Valley. The Tasting Shed has got other options as well: try a Bartinney wine tasting, or for a more innovative experience, enjoy the Wine & Fynbos experience, where wine is tasted alongside local fynbos, giving guests a multi-sensory experience. 


If you want the Bartinney experience without the drive, you are in luck: in the centre of Stellenbosch, the Bartinney Wine Bar sits in the Oude Bank building. Very popular among locals, guests can sit inside the elegantly decorated bar, or enjoy their wine and bubbly on the outside terrace. 


Recently the Jordaans have added a fynbos gin to their mix – The Tempest Gin. Enjoy a gin cocktail at Montegray & Independents (next to the Bartinney Wine Bar).


With summer fast approaching, we definitely recommend an evening with friends with a good Bartinney wine (or gin!) outside as the sun sets.


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Written by Crystelle Knoesen

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