How to spark joy this spring

How to spark joy this spring

In the Boland it is rare that the 1st of September is met with a sunny day – usually, it is pouring with rain. This year, however, we were lucky to have some sunshine – and Namaqualand was ready to welcome the new season with the colourful display of flowers.


While winter is generally a time of hoarding heat and comfort, spring encourages us to be lighter – hence the term ‘spring cleaning’.


The idea of sorting out the deepest, darkest parts of our closets may frighten many of us, yet we can all agree that we feel pretty good once we’re done with the decluttering. 


A pioneer in this field, Marie Kondo from Japan, has shared with the West her simple yet effective method for tidying up. If you haven’t yet heard of her, or read her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, here are the basics you need to know:


First, hold an object in your hand.

Second, ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”


If the answer isn’t a resounding “Yes!”, then put the object on the discard pile. 


Third, Kondo shares her best tips for how to store the objects that successfully passed the ‘joy-test’.


Scientists have proven the benefits of tidying up – both for lifting depression and increasing productivity. Perhaps we can apply the same process to our memories: bringing each one into the open, and asking ourselves if it brings us joy or not. In the end, we then keep those memories that spark joy and let go of those that drag us down.


After you’ve cleaned up, why not head into Stellenbosch’s beautiful nature areas to celebrate this wonderful, uplifting season. Maybe head to the Jan S Marais park, take a stroll through the Botanical Garden, or just buy yourself a colourful bunch of flowers from the local florist, Okasie. 


Written by Crystelle Knoesen

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