Bottoms up to Beer Day!

Bottoms up to Beer Day!


With each passing week, we get closer to summer. Nevertheless, the temperature drop doesn’t have to curb your taste buds…


Perhaps a little known fact: today marks International Beer Day (or IBD).


The day focuses on 3 aspects:

  1. The gathering of friends, and the enjoyment of beer.
  2. Honouring those responsible for brewing and serving beer.
  3. The unifying of nations in the name of beer, and the celebration of beer of all nations.


The Winelands might be known for wine, but in the past couple of years, beer (and especially craft beer) has gained traction, interest and enjoyment.


Ask any sportswoman or man – an ice cold beer is the most welcoming drink when you reach the finish line.


If you’re new to the beer scene, here are some things to look out for in a good beer:

Aroma: Does is smell good or funny? What you’re looking for is a pleasant smell.

Colour: The beer needs to be clear and consistent – regardless whether it’s a dark ir light beer.

Taste: This is dependent on the drinker, but one guideline is to check that there’s no aftertaste.


Whether you like bitter or sweet, there’s definitely a beer for you.

Don’t know where to go? Try one (or all) of these spots:

  • Cape Brewing Company
  • Wild Clover
  • Stellenbrau
  • Craft Wheat and Hops 

Why not support local and treat yourself and your friends to a juicy hamburger, salty fries, and of course – an ice cold beer. Prost!


Written by Crystelle Knoesen

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