7 Lessons to contemplate during our 67 Minutes

7 Lessons to contemplate during our 67 Minutes

Here the Anna Basson Properties team are making 220 hotdogs for the school children at AITSA in the Dwarsrivier Valley and Kylemore. AITSA provides a safe and nurturing aftercare environment – with sport activities, homework help and arts & crafts. 

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In honour of taking 67 minutes to collaborate with fellow South Africans, here are 7 observations from Mandela’s life that are worth remembering:

  1. Humble beginnings do not determine your future. 

Born in a small village which most of us haven’t even heard of, Mandela’s name is known all over the world – long after his passing. Even with his poor grades, he accomplished remarkable things and was an inspiring figure.

  1. Time in isolation and contemplation can lead to intense personal growth.

It’s hard to truly imagine 27 years in prison. Harsh conditions, with not much distraction. The great spiritual teachers encourage silence and reflection as tools to grow and find inner strength. Let’s not forget that suffering is also provides fertile soil for rising above. 

  1. The value of friends.

Mandela and Ahmed Kartrada were friends for 70 years, and Mandela had a strong support network that he counted on throughout his life – and especially throughout the more difficult years. Though Mandela’s name might more known than the others, Madiba could not have created his legacy alone. 

  1. Forgiveness is not easy, but it liberates.

One of the things Mandela is probably most famous for, is his ability to forgive. It was paramount for his healing, and for moving forward. 

  1. Inner change is required for outward change.

It is debatable, but it is unlikely that Mandela would have been able to inspire so much positive change (and forgive) after his release, had he not looked inside himself first to see what he had to change. 

  1. Life is messy and full of surprises.

The death of his father at age 12, unfinished degrees, 3 marriages and a court trial – his life was anything but easy and straightforward. In the end, all these unforeseen experience came together to make up the person who we celebrate today. 

  1.   Be who you wholly are.

Like them or love them, Mandela shirts are a trademark of him. Wearing it unashamedly, he showed how to be yourself – with humble confidence. 

Wherever you find yourself in your 67 minutes, may it bless our community. 



Written by Crystelle Knoesen


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