The best of life between the USA and SA

The best of life between the USA and SA

The Cape Winelands isn’t just loved by locals and tourists – many foreigners dream of owning a property in our beautiful town. 


While we are warming ourselves by the fire, Americans are celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July with a barbeque. In honour of this American tradition, we caught up with Louise de Kok, a client of Anna Basson Eiendomme, and asked her about living between the two countries. 


Sneeu berge met Rooiplien


  1. What is your experience of being an expat in Stellenbosch?


I love it. I know the culture and people, which makes me feel comfortable and rekindles memories of my young adulthood. I also have family and friends here so it is always good to come home. 


  1. What do you miss most about life in the USA?


The conveniences and accessibility of what the USA offers. Also in the USA, we have so many options and choices. I definitely miss Amazon, because I hardly go to stores and have everything shipped to my doorstep. 


  1. What is your favourite thing about being in the Winelands?


No doubt the landscape. Surrounded by mountains that are so near, and beautiful vineyards with a bustling historic town to boot is difficult to beat.


  1. What are your best memories of the 4th of July?


My nephew’s birthday is on the 4th of July, so when he was little and visited us in Florida, he thought that the firework extravaganzas were in celebration of his birthday. Independence Day in the USA is usually celebrated with home bbq’s, followed by fireworks in the early evening. In Fort Lauderdale where I am from, a fireworks display is created over the ocean near the beach. 


It’s always refreshing to remind ourselves of the privilege of living in this beautiful region. And to our American friends – happy 4th of July! 


Until our next post, here’s a couple of things to remember: 


  • School term starts on Tuesday, 9 July
  • Tour de France starts on Saturday 6 July


Written by Crystelle Knoesen


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