Who was Karin of Karindal?

Who was Karin of Karindal?

The peaceful neighbourhood of Karindal is one of the most beautiful in Stellenbosch, and also the closest to Jonkershoek.

Located next to the Eerste river and the ‘hangbrug’, it is an ideal area for walking the dog or simply getting some fresh air. The two cul de sacs, Bergvliet and Otterkuil are here as well.

The old Lanzerac entrance

Most of the streets in Karindal (Meerlust, Libertas, Rheezicht, Lanzerac and Bosch-en-dal) were all once part of the farm Lanzerac. Its white-washed entrance can still be seen in the little park in Karindal.


The story of Lanzerac

Lanzerac, today a popular hotel and wine tasting destination, was originally called Schoongezicht (it offered a skone gesig/fine view on the Jonkershoek valley and Stellenbosch). The original owner, Isaak Schryver, was fond of expansion, and by the 1700s had acquired the neighbouring land at Klein Gustrouw, Leef op Hoop and Mostertsdrift. After Schryver the farm changed hands a few times and some sections were added or resold.

Farms are sub-divided

In the early 1900’s the whole area was under economic pressure due to the Phylloxera epidemic of the 1880’s which took its toll on the Jonkershoek valley. Many of the original farms were sold or subdivided. By the end of the 1900s Klein Gustrouw (Leef op Hoop) was divided into 16 parts.

Photographer: Unknown – c1929


The start of Lanzerac wines

The name Schoongezicht changed in the 1920’s when the farm was bought by a certain Mrs English. English was an aristocratic lady (originally from Somerset-East). She and her husband Fred also owned a castle in Kent, UK, where they stayed for certain periods of the year. On the new ‘Lanzerac’, she started bottling the first ‘Lanzerac estate wines‘.

Those who followed her up, the Tribelhorn family and later Angus Batts Buchanan (born 1918) further developed the brand. Buchanan, a creative viticulturist, won numerous awards for his wine.


Who was Karin?

Mr Buchanan, the owner of Lanzerac, decided in 1954 to sell off a section of his land, and this land became Karindal (Pty) Ltd.

“Karin” was the name of his daughter.

The remaining part of Lanzerac was converted into a luxury hotel (by the hotelier David Rawdon). In the same year 1959, the Lanzerac complex was declared a national heritage site. Today the manor house, outhouses, werf, walls and entrances are all honoured for their historical value.


Read more about the Lanzerac story here.


Sources: Jonkershoek timeline – Heritage Survey: Stellenbosch Rural Areas- Penny Pistorius and Stewart Harris – June 2004
Article written by Y Coetsee 2016

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