Are you concerned about personal protection?

Are you concerned about personal protection?

Secma International Security – G-Buddy, for personal protection

In recent years, the town of Stellenbosch has become an increasingly attractive area to criminals, with crime rates showing a dramatic increase in the area. Personal protection has become a necessity for all.

Secma International Security has recognised this need for personal protection in the Stellenbosch area and has developed an effective and unique solution to this problem – a technologically advanced personal protection service.

Introducing the G-Buddy.

The Secma Panic Button (G-Buddy) is a stand-alone device that provides continuous tracking from the moment you press the panic button. It includes a docking station for easy charging and the battery lasts about 4 days on a single charge. It boasts two-way communication, allowing our controllers to dial into the device and have a conversation with the user. The G-Buddy panic button is imported directly from the manufacturers in China and is priced at R 1 500.00.


Knowing that we can continuously track your movement from the moment a distress signal is sent, is simply not enough. What happens next and how qualified is the person responding to your distress call?

Tactical Response

  • Each of our response personnel is registered with PSIRA and trained in the use of firearms as well as less lethal pistols/tasers, the latter which are used as the first line of defence.
  • They are trained in First Aid to be able to assist clients when encountering medical emergencies such as violent attacks.
  • They are dressed in and equipped with tactical gear.
  • Response vehicles are equipped with two cameras – one facing the interior of the vehicle and one facing forward at street level. This is to ensure compliance with our protocols as well as to eliminate any dubious claims of impropriety against our personnel.
  • The video footage from these cameras are on a continuous live feed to our control room and is also stored on an onboard DVR hard drive for future reference.
  • All response vehicles are equipped with an onboard display to ensure a prompt response.

The cost involved in utilising our personal protection service is currently priced at R 149.00 per month.
Please feel free to contact me for any more information or a presentation.

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