Staying Healthy during the Holidays

Staying Healthy during the Holidays

We all know with the Holidays comes all the trimmings, we are talking lots of food, cocktails and almost no exercise. I have put together a couple of pointers to help you and your family to stay healthy this festive season.

1. Eat well

It is not unheard of to put on that dreaded extra kilo or 2 during the holidays. I mean who can resist all the cheese boards and cocktails going around at almost every party, and there are so many. Keep in mind that in between the focaccia, the camembert and the preserved figs there will also be the celery sticks, carrot sticks and hummus or something else that is healthy. Try to keep your choices balanced, but don’t deprive yourself.

2. Stay active

It is very easy to plop down on the couch after your meal, especially in this heat. However, taking a short walk after your meal will help your metabolism along. The important thing to remember is to try and be active, play a game of touch rugby on the beach, or table tennis in the den.

3. Keep colds at bay

Traveling around, sitting by the fire late into the night and all the parties can compromise your immune system. Stay on top of it by taking some extra vitamins and eating your 4 to 5 fruit and vegetables a day. Stay healthy.

4. Do something for others

While you have everything you would want for you and your family this holiday, there are people out there who have almost nothing. So open up your heart and bake some cookies for the elderly, invite someone over for Christmas lunch that has no family or give a Christmas hamper to a needy family. Even if it seems small to you, it might mean something to them.

5. Exercise your brain

You know that box of Trivial Pursuit and 30 Seconds lying in the bottom of the cupboard, now is the time to fish it out and coax the family into some old fashioned fun. If you keep your brain active during the holidays, getting back into your normal routine won’t be as hard.

6. Enjoy yourself

This is the most important tip of all! Don’t stress too much about the small details, this is the time of year to spend time with your loved ones and everyone knows this. The perfectly set table might look fantastic, but who cares if everything doesn’t match, it’s Christmas!

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