Being safe during the Festive Season

Being safe during the Festive Season

The season to have fun and relax has finally arrived, again. With all the joy, festivities, parties and gift shopping we shouldn’t forget to be on our guard and safe. I have put together a small list to keep in mind when you are on the road or prepping for your annual holiday road trip.

1. Vehicle Maintenance

Like Santa, you should check your list twice, this is very important for you and your family’s safety. Check that all your lights are working, that your tyres are the right pressure and your windshield wipers are in working condition. Always keep an extra bottel of water in the car for emergencies, and be prepared for the South African heat.

2. Keep your eyes open for Speed Traps

Let’s face it this is not the cheapest of seasons, so no-one needs the extra costs of a speeding fine. So try and stay within the national speed limit, this way you can enjoy your holiday without the extra cost and stay safe.

3. Rest well before embarking on your journey

Make sure you get enough sleep before you take on the long road with your family. It is best to be well rested and alert at all times when driving; not getting enough rest can impact your driving skills and slow down your reaction times. If you need to, rather pull over at a safe rest stop and take a short nap, or take turns behind the wheel.

4. Make sure your alarm system is working 100%

While we are out enjoying ourselves, there will always be some people wanting to take advantage of the situation. Please make sure that both your car alarm and your house alarm is in perfect working condition, double check all locks before leaving the house or your vehicle. Don’t let your guard down just because all is merry and bright.

5. Plan your route

It is always best to plan ahead and map out your route, plan where you will fill up – bellies and vehicle alike – and make sure that you know what lies ahead. This way you can make sure to have enough snacks and drinks in the car for the long road in between the rest stops.

6. Be prepared for emergencies

Get your first aid kit stocked and keep it in an easily reachable spot in your vehicle, anything or nothing can happen. Keep some blankets in your vehicle, although it is summer time some places can still get really cold at night.

7. Avoid the cocktails or organize alternative transport

Accompanying the festive season is all the fun get-togethers with friends and family and year-end functions in the corporate world. If you are going to be having some drinks at these, please remember to organize a designated driver or alternative transport. As the saying goes: “rather safe than sorry”.

8. Plan your days

Planning your days in and around this time of year is essential for a stress free experience. Remember to leave early when going Christmas shopping, this way you will avoid most of the rush on the roads and in the shopping centres.

9. Be aware of your surroundings

Keeping your eyes open and being aware of what is happening around you can prevent you from being hijacked or pickpocketed.

10. Finally enjoy!

This is the time to spend with family and friends and to relax before the New Year starts so don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and appreciate your loved ones.


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