6 Photos from Stellenbosch history

6 Photos from Stellenbosch history

Have you ever wondered what Stellenbosch looked like in the old days? Here are some amazing pictures rarely seen.

Above: A wedding photograph taken on the stoep of the old Heemstede. The Heemstede house is now the annex to the ladies residence with the same name. To read more about Van Riebeeck Street and the less well-known Claassens Street and De Waal Street, read our blogs about each. 


A scarce photograph of two houses built on the terrace (i.e. the geographic area parallel to the Eerste River – where Heemstede’s lawn is today). The house on the left belonged to Mr Paul Roos and the lofty house on the right to Peter van Blommenstein. On the far left the gable of the Cillié-house is just visible. Read our blog about the famous van Riebeeck street residents, G.G. Cillié and Paul Roos, here.



I always wonder how people cope with having three or four sons… This man had 9! On the photograph is J.C. Pauw, a missionary and lecturer at the John Murray Missionary institute in Wellington. To his left is seated his son, the teacher Jacobus Cornelis Pauw, who was a resident of Stellenbosch. Read about the Wellington institute and it’s connection to Stellenbosch in our blog about Boland College.
Bosman’s crossing was the name of old railway stop, named after the owner of a nearby farm. To read about the elusive Bosman, read our blog about Bosman’s crossing here.
An amazing historical photograph of Church street, taken at around 1900. From the book Stellenbosch Drie eeue (1979).






The staff at the Boys’ high school (later to become Paul Roos Gimnasium). Do you recognize any of the names? Source of photographs: Van Riebeeckstraat Noordekant, Annie Hofmeyr, 1990



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