Dress your house for success

Dress your house for success

Home staging is all about making your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers. While home decorating personalises your house into a home, home staging depersonalises it to make it broadly appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.

Professional home stagers are highly skilled artists who can help to give your house the edge in competing for attention with many other properties. They help you to highlight your home’s strong points and downplay its weaknesses. Here are some of their secrets to dress your house up for success:

  • Try to see your house through the eyes of a potential buyer. The entrance to your house creates the first impression and potential buyers often first drive past a house to see what it looks like. Fix cracks, peeling paint and get rid of any clutter or rubbish, weed the garden and mow the lawn.
  • Clutter is a no-no. Clean, tidy homes sell faster. Get rid of junk, store away appliances and pack away anything that makes your house look untidy.
  • Take down photographs to make the house less personal. Potential buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in your house.
  • Reposition your furniture away from the walls and arrange it in an appealing and cosy grouping allowing a good traffic flow. Less furniture is more user-friendly and makes a room looks bigger.
  • Use mirrors strategically to give the illusion of space in cramped areas.
  • The kitchen is the heart of the home. Oil all wooden surfaces to restore the lustre and put out large bowls full of bright fruit to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Entertain the senses with the smell of fresh coffee or baking.
  • Good lightning makes a room look bigger and cleaner. It is important to have alternative light sources in the bedrooms besides the lights on the ceilings. Keep them on when showing the house.
  • Ensure that all bathrooms are sparkling clean. For a luxurious touch put down baskets filled with pamper products and hand towels tied with pretty ribbons.
  • When showing, open your windows and doors to let fresh air in (if the weather permits), turn the lights on and put a bowl of fresh flowers on the dining room table.

To get hold of a professional home stager contact Home Staging Studio in Bantry Bay on (021) 434 1632 or visit their website at www.homestagingstudio.co.za.

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