Anchors in the sea of change

Anchors in the sea of change

Anchors in the sea of change

Every new year brings with it some inevitable changes; some big, some small – some astronomical, some miniscule. And even for those who have an aversion to change and refuse to acknowledge it as such, it is almost impossible to not be aware of at least some changes in some parts of everyday life.

The traffic takes on new patterns of ebb and flow as the holidays draw to a close; banks announce “minimal” increases in fees; shops drop prices for those suffering from post-holiday wallets; even the weather, it seems, changes constantly. Unbearably hot days are interspersed with delightfully cool days of summer rain or brooding thunderstorms run rapidly build up in otherwise mostly clear skies.

A new group of six-year olds start school; some people start new jobs – some for the first time; some do not go back to jobs for the first time; some have to start many things without a loved one for the first time. In the midst of all of these changes, there are often those things and/or people and/or beliefs or customs that remain anchors in a sea of change. They remain our constants, our beacons, our cornerstones. In the middle of the chaos that often accompanies many changes, these anchors are our calm. They, I think, are often overlooked. May we, therefore, instead of trying to embrace changes, take a moment to embrace the constants – the anchors.










































































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